We're fighting to make transit affordable for everyone!

Millions of New Yorkers struggle to pay the cost of MTA subways and buses – many report having to choose between a meal and a MetroCard.

Riders Alliance fought to win Fair Fares in 2019, which provides half-price MetroCards for some low-income New Yorkers. But right now, Fair Fares only covers people earning less than $13,000 annually!

Expanding Fair Fares eligibility to 200% of the federal poverty line would accommodate families of four earning up to $60,000 who urgently need relief. It would help hundreds of thousands of low-income families who are stretched financially as costs continue to rise.

We’re calling on Mayor Adams to expand Fair Fares today so that all New Yorkers can afford to ride!

Sign the petition and join riders across the city calling on Mayor Adams to #ExpandFairFares today!